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Tartu observatorijas Kosmosa tehnoloģiju semināri

Publicēts: 5.10.2022

Tartu universitātes Tartu observatorijas rīko tiešsaistes priekšlasījumus par dažādām ar astronomiju un kosmonautiku saistītām tēmām. Pasākumi ir brīvpieejas.

We are continuing our seminar series for the semester on Wednesday, 19. June at 16:15 EEST. This week's seminar will be given by Ric Dengel(Tartu Observatory).

Topic: Data processing on Comet Interceptor's OPIC FPGA

This seminar provides an overview of the OPIC instruments data processing and the architecture behind it. The talk will not only cover the technical details, but also the developed workflow to ease development of FPGAs. The goal is to share an FPGA workflow with all it's issues and challenges as well as lessons learned for future projects..

Please join the meeting using the following link.
Meeting ID: 925 4602 3702
Passcode: 180983

The seminar series is public. Feel free to forward this announcement to your colleagues. Please sign up for announcements of upcoming seminars here: https://forms.gle/NiTQWGZQ2FXUtTA89

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