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Tartu observatorijas Kosmosa tehnoloģiju semināri

Publicēts: 14.09.2021

Tartu universitātes Tartu observatorijas rīko tiešsaistes priekšlasījumus par dažādām ar astronomiju un kosmonautiku saistītām tēmām. Pasākumi ir brīvpieejas.

The next talk on Wed, May 25 at 16:15 EET. The talk will be given by Andris Slavinskis.

Title: The E-sail tale: a historical view and future perspective

Abstract: The electric solar wind sail, or E-sail, is a propellantless propulsion technology invented by Pekka Janhunen in 2004. The E-sail consists of long and thin tethers which, when charged, uses the solar wind momentum for producing thrust. It has been thoroughly studied by several research groups resulting in tens of academic articles analysing the sail’s performance, operational strategies and applications. During 2008–2013, the ESTCube-1 team developed the first in-orbit demonstration of the E-sail. While operational for two years, ESTCube-1 failed to deploy the sail. During 2017–2020, Aalto-1 mission attempted a similar experiment which also did not deploy. Since 2015, two new E-sail experiments have been developed for ESTCube-2, FORESAIL-1 and AuroraSat-1 missions. We have a better-than-ever chance of seeing an in-orbit demonstration of the E-sail in 2022–2023 framework. In the pipeline we have FORESAIL-2 mission to a highly elliptical orbit towards the solar wind, an Electric Sail Test Cube mission to lunar or other solar-wind orbit, Multi-Asteroid Touring mission concept and, in long term, the E-sail could bring a telescope to the solar gravitational lens focal point.

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